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Help fill the MySQL Track At SELF

Help fill up the MySQL track at the Southeast Linux Fest. RFP for #self2014 has been extended to Mon April 28th at 9 PM ET. SELF Last chance! Get those talk submissions in!

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Newbie password mistake

I received a panic call from a newbie MySQL DBA. Or should I say the ‘Linux Admin’/’MySQl DBA’/’CSS guru’/’PHP Programmer’/’Network Admin’/’Backup Operator’/’CIO’ of a small business. He had reset his password was was now locked out. Luckily, he had only changed his password and still had root access.

What he did:
mysql>use mysql;
SET PASSWORD for 'mrdoesall'@'10.%' to 'bigsecret';

Long time MySQL DBAs should be groaning at this with a wince remembering when it happened to them. For those of you who did not catch the problem, what happened is that he value in the user.password table is set to the string ‘bigsecret’. When our friend tries to login, the password is encrypted and compared to the value in user.Password. The comparison of the encrypted value does not equate to the unencrypted value and the login fails.

What he meant to do:
mysql>use mysql;
SET PASSWORD for 'mrdoesall'@'10.%' = PASSWORD('bigsecret');

So with the help of the root account, all was resolved. The CLI interface can let you step on your own feet which is one of the reasons I recommend MySQL Workbench to novices and non full-time DBAs.

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MySQL Connect — Reviewing the submitted presentations

The presentations submitted for MySQL Connect are amazing. This year again I am very fortunate and slightly cursed to be on the selection committee again. Fortunate that I get a glimpse of some truly amazing work being done with MySQL. And cursed in that there are a lot of great talks that will not make it that I still want to see.

We had over 190 submissions for 50 some odd speaking slots. In the past there has been some over lap with two members of the same engineering team proposing slight variations on a topic that can be combined. Sometimes there are blatantly obvious marketing sessions that will not only speed you queries, brighten you teeth, but also walk your dog. Usually it is easy to pick out a few obviously poor proposals. But not this year. They are all pretty much technical raw meat, dripping with staggering loads of vital information. Submissions came from the usual players you would expect to gear at a MySQL Conference (Oracle, Percona, Pithian, Yahoo, Mozilla, SkySQL, etc.) and an amazing number of people from the community.

So please ignore several of us while we tear our hair out or as we wish for 26 hour conference days. We hope you will be eager for MySQL Connect to arrive when you see the list of presentations.

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Chicago Users Group Meeting May 21st

I will be speaking at the Chicago MySQL Users Group meeting on May 21st at 223 South Wacker Drive. Times, subject of the talk, and other details will be flushed out later but be aware that you will have to RSVP to get you name of the security guard’s list for admission.

Chicago Pizza and MySQL 5.7

The meeting will start at 6:30PM in the Oracle office at 233 South Wacker Drive on the 45th floor. The presentation will be on MySQL 5.7.

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MySQL 5.7 user table: password_last_changed & password_lifetime

MySQL 5.7.4 has added two fields to the mysql.user table — password_last_changed, a timestamp and password_lifetime, a small but unsigned integer. Several blogs ago I started to cobble together a password expiration tracking script before these two columns were added. But I could see three ways of tracking expired passwords but none of them were palatable. Todd Farmer was working on a similar idea.

So when you run mysql_upgrade after upgrading to 5.7.4, you will find these two new columns. The password_last_changed will be set to the time you ran the upgrade and password_lifetime will be set to null.

You can set global password lifetime policy in the options file.

So 180 is about six months and zero would set a never expire policy.


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MySQL Connect Call for Papers ENDS April 15th

The MySQL Connect Call for Papers ends April 15th. So submit ASAP!!

Below are examples of some of the broad areas of interest our Conference Review Committee may be seeking:

  • Customer Success Stories or Case Studies
  • Best Practices (based on experiences and insights acquired)
  • Tips and Tricks / How To Sessions (based on expertise in specific areas)
  • Deep Dives
  • Partner / Community Solutions
  • What’s New
  • Introductory, 101-type sessions
  • Upgrades

Write an abstract that is easy to read and describes the value of the presentation. Explicitly mention what is being discussed during the session rather than making a marketing or strategy pitch. For example, mention product demonstrations, case studies, customer/partner participation, quantitative facts, etc. Do not include proprietary or confidential material.

Standard presentation time slots are 45 minutes. We suggest allocating 10 minutes for a Q&A period within that timeframe.

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Collaborate 14, Las Vegas, and the Naked Guy Occupying My Hotel Room

Colaborate is a big show for C-level executives and up for the three big Oracle User Groups. Last week at Percona Live was all MySQL, Open Source, and a few hundred close folks. This week is the biggest show, after Oracle Open World, on the Oracle user calendar and draws a huge crowd from around the globe. All the Fortune 500 are here or their contractors. collab14 In short, anything tangential to any Oracle product can be found along with companies that offer add-ons, support, consulting, and product. A lot of the attendees have MySQL in their computer rooms and that is why I am in Las Vegas.

Vegas is a convention city. This week Collaborate, The National Association of Broadcasters (100,000 strong), and a dozen other conventions are in town. Add in tourism, gambling, and shows to warm weather to produce a town that is literally buzzing.

My job for today is to make it from the airport, get to the hotel, set up the MySQL Demo-pod in the Oracle pavilion, get to my room, clean up, and work a couple of hours at the pod. Vegas specializes in getting travelers off the plane, into a cab, and to the hotels as quickly as possible. Of course the expo hall will be the furthest point away from where the cabs drop you to where the expo hall is located. So I end up with a hike to the expo hall. As a corollary to the cab drop off rule, the booth to be manned is at the far end of the ‘so large you can see the curvature of the Earth’ hall. The Demo-pod is a bank of large screens hanging off cabinets equipped with laptops to use for demos. But the slideshow I brought is on a USB drive and the two USBs on the laptop are in use for mouse and keyboard. But there is Internet and I was able to move the file needed onto the laptop. But of course, the latest version of the slide software has again changed the way to loop the presentation automatically. Then I add on Workbench, MySQL 5.6 Enterprise, and MySQL 5.7.4. I should also mention that during show setup, the air conditioning is off, and Las Vegas is getting very warm.

So at last, I head back to the hotel room for a quick shower and a little relaxation before the expo hall opens. But upon getting the door unlocked, I find the room already has an occupant who is a) sans clothing, b) was rather upset, and c) had ‘dibs’ on the room. So after another hike to registration and getting another room, I am almost ready for Collaborate 14. If you are at the show please drop by the MySQL Demo-pod.

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The Reborn MySQL Community

The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo ends today but it signals a rebirth of the MySQL Community. 2014 has been the most vibrant, upbeat, and cheerful show in many years. A multitude of new technology, approaches and energies emerged this year.

WebScale is partnership of several of MySQL’s biggest users to pool patches to make a bigger, badder server. Frankly these companies have more resources than MySQL in some areas and will be able to add in features very quickly. And Oracle really wants to add these changes quickly.

Fusion-IO is changing the way we think about writing to disks. The costs of a write is low and the speed is very high. For those of us having cut our teeth on systems where you had to plan for rotational delay and disk arm movements, this is almost spooky. SSDs are going to change many design ideas in the database world and Fusion-IO is working hard with Percona, Oracle, and MariaDB to remove what was a major choke point for performance. I urge you to check out Nisha Talagala keynote, especially if you are not hardware savvy, to get a better understanding of this eveolution.

Oracle’s investment in MySQL was shown by the many new features announced. MySQL Fabric, Workbench 6.1, and the approaching 5.7 are vibrant tools that the community needs.

Peter Z and Robert Hodges both were very frank that users need to upgrade to MySQL 5.6 as it fixes many old lingering problems and provides better performance. By the way, Percona is doing very well and a growing their businesses and Continuent has added Hadoop feeding features to their product.

And MariaDB had their new release ready for this show. Everyone has been very busy.

For the consumer spectrum of the MySQL Community, this is a golden age where competition and renewed innovation are making the latest products much, much better. The addition of WebScale will provide yet again more access to better performance.

Many folks said this year, the Percona Conference felt like a family reunion. But this year, it seems that a new generation is being welcomed into the MySQL Community.

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Getting started with Performance Schema and MySQL Workbench 6.1.2 Beta

MySQL’s Performance schema is a relatively new tool for measuring performance and MySQL Workbecn 6.1.2 is the latest beta of that software. I have not had a lot of time to play with performance schema but now I am taking my first steps with the help of Workbench. Startup Workbench and you will find under the Navigator an item labeled Performance Schema Setup. Flip the toggle from OFF to ON and then start exploring.

InnoDB Buffer stats by Schema are show here -- one of more than twenty pre-established metrics available.

InnoDB Buffer stats by Schema are show here — one of more than twenty pre-established metrics available.

Now you can run queries and see what the costs are, where the server is waiting, or what indexes remain unused. You can even use workbench to alter the options file to setup other Performance Schema instruments. Trying various settings for optimizer_search_depth is simple with the GUI.

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MySQL 5.6 Beta Exam Results

Congratulations on earning your Oracle Certification credential! — I was happily surprised to see this on the first email of the day. My employer sends out a fair share of corporate correspondence and I will admit to being caffeine deprived early this morning when I started reading my emails. I was expecting some rote corporate communication and i had to read the first sentence twice. So it took a moment for it to sink in that I PASSED THE 5.6 MySQL DBA EXAM!!!!!

The exam was tough — much more comprehensive than any previous exam — and there were a handful of questions that left this long time user of MySQL wondering where the heck did they find that material.

So if you took a 5.6 beta exam, your results are probably in your inbox right now. Congrats to those who earned their new certifications!

The official 5.6 DBA Logo

The official 5.6 DBA Logo


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