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Upcoming MySQL Talks

It is the start of the traveling season for the MySQL Community Team and many of the engineering teams. I will be at Skiphp this weekend,
Sunshinephp, The Los Angeles MySQL User Group on Feb. 20th, and SCaLE. Morgan Tocker will be at Confoo, FOSDEM, and PHPUK.

You can see some of our engineers at Percona Live.

    Oracle talks at Percona Live

  • “MySQL 5.7: Core Server Improvements,” Morgan Tocker and Rune Humborstad, Oracle
  • “MySQL 5.7: InnoDB – What’s New,” Sunny Bains, Oracle
  • “Sharding and Scale-out using MySQL Fabric,” Mats Kindahl, Oracle
  • “MySQL 5.7: Performance Schema Improvements,” Mark Leith, Oracle
  • “MySQL 5.7: Performance & Scalability Benchmarks,” Dimitri Kravtchuk, Oracle

And do not forget to stop by the MySQL Demopod at Collaborate in Las Vegas this April.

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How to get the MySQL Community Team at Your Local Event

December is half way through the budget year for the MySQL Community Team and we carefully meter out our small budget to make the most effective use from it. But December is also the time when existing conferences start the tasks of preparing for next year and brave souls who have never been part of a conference start out from scratch to create a new show. The MySQL Community Team would love to help with your conference.

First we need to know about your conference. We do scour the announcement sites like and but your show may have been inadvertently skipped. Tell us the dates, the location, how many people you are expecting, your target audience (PHP Developers, DBAs, left handed actuaries from the Pacific Rim), and what makes your show unique (at least for your area). We spread the word about shows to our MySQL ACEs, MySQL Employees, and anyone else we can reach. Left us know when your Call for Papers opens and closes!

Secondly, what sponsorship levels are available and what comes with those levels? How many people can we have in our booth, if we get a booth? Do we still need to buy entry tickets? Do we need to rent tables, carpet, electrical outlets, and chairs for the booth from a specified vendor? Can we have folks from the local MySQL users group in the booth with us? Oracle covers our travel bills but sometimes you need X bodies in N hotel rooms for conference room discount Z, so let us know if you need us to be at your conference hotel.

We love to speak about MySQL and if you have special subjects you want covered for your audience, be sure to let us know! Some of the best conference are the small, intimate events. We also try to visit local MySQL User Groups so having on of those nearby your conference helps too.

Payment can be tricky. If you are in the Oracle PO system (If we have sponsored your event in the past you probably are in there under your DBA — ‘Doing Business As’ or your legal name), it can be a fairly simple process. If you are not in the PO System, the corporate credit car d is used which can get tricky outside of the US or you want to be paid through Paypal(1) and this may take some extra time plus effort on both our parts.

Lastly we have only three MySQL Community Managers and we work hard to split up the shows between us. However we can only cover so much territory. Also Oracle expects us to be at certain events like Oracle Open World, MySQL Connect, Collaborate and a few others so hopefully you do not over lap in the calendar with those. We may be able to fall back on the MySQL ACEs in a few cases. So the earlier we know about your show, the better.

So we on the MySQL Community Team look forward to seeing you at your event, handing swag away from our booth, and talking about MySQL to your attendees. Ping me at Dave.Stokes AT please.Bertran

  1. Paypal sometimes has odd fees or requirements for payments to third parties especially those with new or unverified accounts. I love Paypal and am a long time customer but you may want to set up some other credit card processing procedures when you sent up the accounts for your conference.

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See you in Raleigh, NYC and Irving!

This week I am presenting at the All Things Open conference (be sure to drop by the booth for some MySQl stickers!), the next is Strata in NYC, and then the North Texas MySQL Users Group on November 4th.

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Reestablishing a MySQL Tradition Revisited

Last may I wrote about Reestablishing a MySQL Tradition where we used to have shirts just for those who contributed code to MySQL. Unfortunately that tradition was not kept during various transitions. But Antony Curtis

This is Antony Curtis in the original Community Contributor shirt

This is Antony Curtis in the original Community Contributor shirt

impressed me at a conference with his shirt and so the Community Team started the process of getting shirts for our contributors. Today I am proud to announce the first shirt has been ordered and in the post to Antony.

So if you have contributed to MySQL, have an OCA on file, AND are going to be at MySQL Connect — please let me know your size so I can present it to you September 21st or 22nd and thank you for your work on MySQL.


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MySQL Community Team News

The MySQL Community Team has one and a half new members! Welcome back Morgan Tocker who many of you may remember from MySQL Training. And welcome Jara Jr, Lenka Kasparova’s son, whom mom informs us is ‘really sweet’.

I am speaking today at Djangocon, Dallas PHP on Tuesday the 10th, and then next weekend at Ohio Linuxfest.

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Texas Linuxfest

The Texas Linuxfest might be the ‘little brother’ of the SCaLE show. txlf While a smaller shower in length, it fells much more muscular. I had a full room for a session on The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database. The audience was sharp, asked amazingly great questions, and hungry for MySQL 5.6 features. And at the booth I was pleasantly inundated with MySQL questions and proud DBAs bragging about their instances.

If you missed the this show this year, please make the trip to Austin next year. You’ll not be disappointed.

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Thanks for the Drupalcon Thank Yous — Texas Linux Fest and Southeast Linuxfest

Thank you for all of you who dropped by the MySQL booth at Drupalcon to say ‘Thank you’ for MySQL. At every show there are several folks who do this but at Drupalcon it seemed like half the 3,000 attending dropped by to say ‘thanks’, grab MySQL stickers, OurSQL Poscasts disks, and talk about MySQL 5.6. I’ll see all y’all next year in Austin.

Speaking of Austin, the is this weekend. I will be talking Saturday in Track D at 11:25 on the Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database.

And the FREE Southeast Linux Fest is June 7-9 in Charlotte. This year featuring a ‘Zero to DBA’ track to get all you who want to become Database Administrators started on the correct foot. Hear Chris Pettus, Perter Zeitsev, Craig Slyvester, Ryan Lowe, Max Mether, me and many more.

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The PHPTek Conference bills itself as the premier professional PHP conference with a community flair. Having been to dozens of PHP conferences, I thought that was a pretty bold claim.

MySQL Boogiebot

But as they say in Texas, it ain’t bragging if you can do it.
MySQL plush dolphins and BoogieBots.  The wind up dancing robots were popular in Chicago

MySQL plush dolphins and BoogieBots. The wind up dancing robots were popular in Chicago

And the organizers picked perfect weather for this Chicago based show.

The quality of the presenters and presentations was amazing high. Most of these sessions covered intricacies with the PHP language. The talks covered the range from beginning Symfony 2 to advanced security. The presenters were indeed the cream of the crop and the material covered very well developed.

Oracle’s own Ligaya Trumelle started the second day with a MySQL 5.6 new features session specifically tailored to what this elite audience wanted to know about 5.6. Later she teamed with Davey Shafik on Engine Yard on MySQL HA, Recovery, and Load Balancing. The second talks was a comprehensive look at the most popular options for all three areas1.

Oracle was a sponsor of this show and I also had an opportunity to present Ten Things To Do To Make Your MySQL Databases Stronger and Healthier when not at the booth handing out three hundred Boogie Bots, MySQL Stickers, and a handful of plush Sakila Dolphins. The attendee questions at the booth were also high level (isolation levels for the best insert concurrency, how to use GTIDs, and partitioning) as opposed to more mundane questions at other shows.

So this truly is the premier PHP show and if you are a serious PHP coder, you need to plan to attend this show next year.

  1. You should download their slides on this as they worked hard to provide good benchmark numbers. Sadly some of the software (third party) did not prove to be robust enough for a good comparison. Lig and Davey put a lot of hard work into this sessions and the slides were loaded with vital info and their configurations.


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Reestablishing a MySQL Tradition

Every so often you see something from the past and wonder “Why don’t we do that anymore?” Well, in this case it was a former co-worker wearing his MySQL Contributor shirt.

This is Antony Curtis in the original Community Contributor shirt

This is Antony Curtis in one of the original MySQL Community Contributor shirt

So the MySQL Community Team had a quick meeting and the result is that we are reestablishing the tradition. So if you have a signed Oracle Contributor Agreement and have contributed to MySQL, you should have in your inbox a request for your shirt size and a shipping address. If you do not see an email and you qualify for a short, let us know (we probably have an old email on record for you). And if you are working on some code for MySQL and have that OCA ready but not filed, please expedite your actions so you do not miss out on this batch.

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‘Cryogenic Dolphin’ at MySQL Community Reception

Come see out new cool ‘cryogenic dolphin’ at the MySQL Community Reception Monday. Come hear about the latest 5.6 news from MySQL Engineers, see Cluster on Raspberry Pis, and walk away with our giveaways. And did I mention it is FREE?!?!

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