Dolphin shirts are here!

New MySQL Dolphin Shirt
Dolphin shirts available at an event near you!
The New MySQL Dolphin shirts have arrived and you can get yours at upcoming events where the MySQL Community Team will be appearing! Come meet Keith Larson at Southeast LinuxFest starting June 10th or Dave Stokes at the Community Leadership Summit July 23rd. These are high quality t-shirts in a majestic gray tone featuring with Sakila the dolphin. These were highly sought after at an April conference but most of them went to the MySQL Engineering Teams. But now our second batch has arrived.

Not going to either of those show? Then keep watching Planet.MySQL.Com for future opportunities to get your dolphin shirt! And please let us know about your local events as we just might show up with Dolphin shirts for you!

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Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and previously was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems. He has a MBA from the University Of San Diego.

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