Oracle Open World MySQL Sessions

MySQL will be big at Oracle Open World. Not only are their demo pods, a community run area, and two community organized tracks on the first day! A full MySQL session track will be part of Open World for the first time. A full searchable list of all session with the options is available here a quick list of MySQL sessions is below. Note the sessions starting with IOUG are on Community Sunday on October 2nd. And the number after the title is the session id number.

If you register by August 12, there is a special early bird discount for the MySQL community. Use the code “MYSQL11” during registration and save $1,000 over the on-site price.

  1. Accelerating Telecom Transformation with Web 2.0 Data Management (20263)
  2. Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures (15587)
  3. Becoming a Rock Star MySQL DBA (20880)
  4. Building Highly Available and Scalable Real-Time Services with MySQL Cluster (13702)
  5. Cloud Computing Solutions for MySQL (15713)
  6. Customer Success Stories: MySQL as an Embedded Database (20600)
  7. Data Protection and Recovery for MySQL (15715)
  8. Diagnosing Scalability Issues in Java Applications on MySQL (15742)
  9. General Session: MySQL—The State of the Dolphin (20281)
  10. Getting the Most Out of MySQL on Windows (20264)
  11. Getting to Know MySQL Enterprise Monitor (15619)
  12. IOUG: Bridging MySQL and Oracle Databases with Open Source Replication (27661)
  13. IOUG: Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL (28682)
  14. IOUG: Lessons Learned from Managing Way Too Many Database Servers (27680)
  15. IOUG: Securing MySQL (31520)
  16. Implementing Online Backup for Large-Scale MySQL Environments (31500)
  17. InnoDB Performance Tuning (20020)
  18. Introduction to InnoDB, MySQL’s Default Storage Engine (10042)
  19. Introduction to MySQL Replication (15762)
  20. Monitoring MySQL with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (30280)
  21. MySQL Authentication Options (19181)
  22. MySQL Crash Course: Overview of Basic MySQL Concepts (15423)
  23. MySQL Efficiency on NetApp (8584)
  24. MySQL Enterprise Backup (20260)
  25. MySQL Monitoring Mechanisms: How the Different Pieces Fit Together (20280)
  26. MySQL Performance Tuning at Ning (20265)
  27. MySQL Server Performance Tuning 101 (16040)
  28. MySQL Workbench: Developing MySQL Applications on Windows (30580)
  29. MySQL for Oracle DBAs, or How to Speak MySQL for Beginners (15143)
  30. MySQL: Don’t Be a Rookie Forever—Be in Command (Line) (29060)
  31. MySQL: Explaining the MySQL Explain (29000)
  32. MySQL: Importing and Exporting Data Between Hadoop and MySQL (29080)
  33. MySQL: Improving Performance with Better Indexes (28980)
  34. MySQL: Jailbreaking MySQL Replication (29021)
  35. MySQL: Maatkit Tools—Like a MySQL Guru in a Box (29101)
  36. MySQL: MySQL High Availability (29120)
  37. MySQL: MySQL and SSD—Usage Patterns (29121)
  38. MySQL: SQL Injection Myths and Fallacies (29081)
  39. NoSQL Access to MySQL: The Best of Both Worlds (14141)
  40. NoSQL Interfaces to MySQL Cluster (15702)
  41. Operational Wins in MySQL Release 5.5 (20882)
  42. Scaling and Monitoring MySQL for Rapidly Growing Social Gaming (14882)
  43. The MySQL Roadmap: Discover What’s New (14740)
  44. Ticketmaster: Building the Fastest Ticketing Site with MySQL and Oracle Database (21340)
  45. Using MySQL with Other Oracle Products (20261)
  46. What Causes Downtime in MySQL, and How Can You Prevent It? (9304)

5 Responses to Oracle Open World MySQL Sessions

  1. […] for the first time. A full searchable list of all session with the options is available here a… Read more… Categories: MySQL     Share | Related […]

  2. Awesome, I really hope this starts bringing MySQL to a completely new audience!

  3. […] agenda at OOW is mind-bogglingly huge (see Dave Stokes’s blog post, so here are the full official details of my […]

  4. It is great to see so much quality content focused on MySQL. I was surprised at how many sessions there are. I somehow thought that MySQL would not get this much exposure at Open World. Thanks, Oracle!

  5. luxun1 says:

    focus on oracle mysql private could!

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