Waffle House — smothered and covered business metrics

MySQL stickers
MySQL Stickers
How to measure a Storm’s Fury One Breakfast at a Time is a non MySQL-Centric story I need to share with my fellow DBAs. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has a metric to judge the severity of a storm. They monitor the status of Waffle House Restaurants. Waffle House goes to extreme measures to open up storm damaged or impacted restaurants that need to be studied by anyone who had any disaster recovery duties. Their measures are so extensive that FEMA now tracks which Waffle Houses are open, closed or operating in a diminished capacity after a storm. After Katrina, seven restaurants were destroyed and one hundred more shut down. But they were quickly reopened and swamped with customers. And sales volumes can double or triple after a storm.

So, how fast could you get your instances online after a flood, fire, or other disaster.

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Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and previously was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems. He has a MBA from the University Of San Diego.

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