MySQl Cluster 7.2 at OOW Demo Pod

MySQl Cluster 7.2 Be sure to drop by the MySQL Demo Pod while you are attending Oracle Open World. There you will see a demo of the changes in MySQL Cluster 7.2. My favorite part of this release is that you can access the same data via SQL, LDAP, REST, memcached or via APIs. You get the best of both SQLand NoSQL worlds in one. At the Demo Pod, you can see how to see how Adaptive Query Localization speed up joins. Plus the demo will preview the latest and
greatest 7.2 DMR capabilities, and also demonstrate how MySQL Cluster
remains operational during node failures, upgrades and re-configuration
and how simple it is to create a live cluster using MySQL Cluster Manager. In the past, many cluster users avoid joins and simply used primary key or key/value pairs. But Adaptive Query Localization gets the data nodes to do more of the work in parallel.

And Cluster Administration has been greatly streamlined. So less typing gets you more performance.

So drop by the MySQL Demo Pod as you will want to see MySQL Cluster 7.2 in action. And there will be several session on cluster covering in detail things I have not mentioned here.

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Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and previously was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems. He has a MBA from the University Of San Diego.

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