MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Enterprise Monitor or MEM is a tool to watch over one instance to a farm of MySQL servers, to warn you of problems, and can advise you on fixing problems.

MEM Enterprise Dashboard

The is the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Dashboard

But what does it take it get it running? How much can it show me about my server?

Start by downloading MEM from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (And it is still free for a 30 day trial). In addition to the monitor, make sure you download the monitor agent. For my 32-bit Ubuntu test box, there were named mysqlmonitor- and mysqlmonitoragent-

Executing mysqlmonitor- will get the monitor software installed. You can pick to use an existing database instance or a new one that comes with MEM. Please note the installer was picky and did not want to work with my 5.6 Instance previously installed. Be sure to note down the answers you enter to the install screens.

Then run mysqlmonitoragent- and start it as per the directions. And you should end up with a display like you see above.

Ideally you would run the agent on the system you want to watch and the monitor on a dedicated box.

Next time: What is MEM trying to tell me??


4 Responses to MySQL Enterprise Monitor

  1. dardar says:

    Hi sir, where can I donwload this version? monitor and agent. Oracle e-delivery site is already gone. any advice? thank you very much in advance.

  2. Glenn McKay says:

    I am using MONyog – which is quite easy to setup and monitor servers, you do not need any agent to be installed to get information. I have heard that MEM the recent version does not need agent to be installed.. great news. I will give a shot to MEM soon.

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