Five-Six-Four — Dave and Keith will soon head out the door!

MySQL 5.6.4 & MySQL Cluster 7.2 availbale from http://Labs.MySQL.Com

MySQL 5.6.4 Development Milestones are ready for your review. This week there are seven 5.6.4 releases to try plus MySQL Cluster 7.2! So try the Binary Log API, Binary Log Group Commit, Global Transaction IDs, InnoDB features, InnoDB Full Text Search, Enhanced Performance Schema, or Memcached/InnoDB versions this holiday season. And let the developers know your feedback please!

And very soon fellow MySQL Community Manager Keith Larson and I will be hitting the road, First stop is the Southern California Linux Expo which features as MySQL Day this year. Then we head to the upper half for the state for the Oracle Leadership Summit to help the Leaders of MySQL User Groups grow their communities. And on the last night of that event, we will head up the 101 into San Francisco on the 25th to talk to the amazing San Francisco MySQL Users Group. Erin O’Neil, the co-coordiantor, wanted a presentation, make that an in depth presentation on the use of EXPLAIN. So I am like Santa’s elf crafting a presentation while the calender counts down the holiday season.

And later this year you can catch the MySQL Community Team at ConFoo, POSSCON, Collaborate, and PHPUK among other events. If you know of an event where we can help, please let me know!


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