Use Java with MySQL?

If you have a Java-based product and are, or are thinking of, using MySQL as an embedded database, this webinar is for you. This is a great webinar for OEM/Embedded customers/prospects (particularly, if they develop in Java)!

Mark Matthews is not only the creator and maintainer of MySQL’s JDBC connector (MySQL Connector/J); as an architect on the MySQL Enterprise Tools Team, he is also an OEM user of MySQL and Connector/J. The Java-based MySQL Enterprise Monitor has used MySQL as its embedded repository for the past nearly 8 years.

Most users of MySQL Enterprise Monitor have no idea that it embeds a MySQL database. Like most OEM customers, the MySQL Enterprise Monitor team (and Oracle MySQL) wants its embedded database to perform optimally every time and at all times – without requiring any end-user intervention.

Join this technical webinar with Mark to learn how achieve that using the many features and options available in MySQL Connector/J. In this webinar, Mark will teach you:

    Different approaches for a zero-admin, fault-tolerant MySQL experience
    • How to integrate your application to make full use of Connector/J’s diagnostic and fault-tolerance features

  • Ways to diagnose your customers’ performance issues on-site
  • About your application’s behavior from MySQL’s point of view
  • Ways to improve performance of the frameworks and persistence components that use MySQL Connector/J
  • When in-memory caching makes sense for your application
  • How to deal with upgrades: Your application’s and/or MySQL’s
  • The differences between upgrading to minor and major versions
  • How to handle schema evolution and data migration
  • And more!

Thursday, April 12, 2012: 09:00 Pacific time (America)


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