MySQL Community Team in Vegas April 22nd – 26th

Collaborate is in Las Vegas next and the MySQL Community Team will be there promoting MySQL. Keith Larson and I are presenting two sessions on MySQL for Oracle DBAs or How to Speak MySQL for Beginners. More and more Oracle DBAs are discovering MySQL among their corporate infrastructure and need a little guidance to walk them through some of the differences between Oracle 11g and MySQL. Several years ago, the IOUG said 70% of their members use MySQL and it should be much higher by now. Please drop by the demo between sessions!

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Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and previously was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems. He has a MBA from the University Of San Diego.

3 thoughts on “MySQL Community Team in Vegas April 22nd – 26th”

  1. I’ll be working a booth, so will not be able to attend your talks. Will you have a booth? If so, any chance of seeing a presentation at your booth?

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