Collaborate — Day 1

The MySQL sessions at Collaborate started strong after an amazing keynote by former astronaut Mark Kelly about working to become a naval aviator, astronaut, and helping his wife — Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — after an assassination attempt on her life last year.

A rare moment when the Oracle demo pods where not wall to wall people.

First up was Set up MySQL in Five Minutes by Bob Burgess of Radian6. Most of the attendees to these sessions seem to be long time Oracle DBAs looking to add more MySQL skills or long time Oracle AND MySQL DBAs. Bob then had a second session and covered Shell Scripting for MySQL Administration where most of the crowd of twenty had already had lots of shell programming experience.

BYU’s Dr. Mike McLaughin provided an excellent hour on Portable SQL between Oracle and MySQL that was filled with observations of both products. He also stressed features of each that were best avoided for portability.

Then Lee Stigile presented MySQL High Availability Solutions and Case Studies. Lee compared using replication, DRBD, and MySQL Cluster while detailing where each shines best operationally.

Administering MySQL for Oracle DBAs drew an audience of over thirty for Nelson Calero from the Uruguayan Oracle User Group. Nelson had been using Oracle for a decade and MySQL for five years and gave the audience some solid tips on MySQL mastery.

Then it was booth duty time for the MySQL Community Team and for two hours we answered questions about MySQL and it seemed like all six thousand plus attendees were in the Oracle booth at one time.

Day two will feature Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL, part two of Set up MySQL in Five Minutes, MySQL for Oracle or How to Speak MySQL for Beginners, Security Boot Camp: Security Around MySQL, and a sure to be controversial Demystifying MySQL for Oracle DBA and Developers wherin George Trujillo will make the case that all new MySQL databases should be virtualized.


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