MySQL Connect — Come learn from the best

Did you ever wonder how the big companies run things behind the scenes? Come to the MySQL Connect Conference and learn from the best. There are over seventy sessions and the following session are from MySQL customers. And please note the early registration discount window is closing!

  • Sheeri Cabral — Database Scaling at Mozilla andGoogle-Hacking MySQL
  • Bradley Kuszmaul Chief Architect , MIT — Solving the Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL
  • Andrew Aksyonoff Sphinx Technologies Inc — Full-Text Search with MySQL and Sphinx
  • Daniel Austin Chief Architect , PayPal, Inc. — Big Data Is a Big Scam (Most of the Time)
  • Eric Grancher DBA , Cern — CERN’s MySQL “as a Service” Deployment with Oracle VM: Empowering Users
  • VADYM TKACHENKO Percona Inc — MySQL and Solid-State Drives: Usage and Tuning
  • Henrik Ingo Senior Performance Architect , — Evaluating MySQL High-Availability Alternatives
  • Danil Zburivsky Pythian Group Inc — Debug and Fix Replication Issues Like a Pro
  • Ronald Bradford Founder & CEO , EffectiveMySQL — Lessons from Managing 500+ MySQL Instances and
  • Chris Schneider – Sr. MySQL Architect, — Improving Performance with Better Indexes
  • MySQL and Hadoop

  • Jeremy Cole – , Davi Arnaut – Software Engineer, Twitter, Inc. — MySQL at Twitter: Development and Deployment
  • Giuseppe Maxia – QA Director, Continuent, Inc — MySQL High Availability: Power and Usability
  • Levi Junkert – , Facebook — MySQL Pool Scanner, an Automated Service for Host Management
  • Ed Presz – ,
    Andrew Yee – , Ticketmaster — Thriving in a MySQL Replicated World
  • Grant McAlister – Senior Principal Engineer, — Durability Is Key: How to Protect Your Data from Corruption
  • Yashwanth Nelapati – ,
    Marty Weiner – , Pinterest — Scaling Pinterest
  • Patrick Galbraith – , Hewlett Packard –Database as a Service: Database Resources on Demand
  • Singer Wang – , The Pythian Group Inc. — Balancing Safety and Performance in MySQL
  • Ligaya Turmelle – Web Database Administrator, Kaplan Professional — A Journey into NoSQLand: MySQL’s NoSQL Implementation
  • Rick James – MySQL Geek, Yahoo! Inc — Rick’s RoTs (Rules of Thumb)
  • Francisco Bordenave – , Pythian
    and Marco Tusa – , Pythian –Scaling MySQL with Multimaster Synchronous Replication

And there are also session from oracle’s MySQL Team too.


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