Book Review — Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery

Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery
Practical Knowledge for Business Continuity
Includes MySQL 5.5 GA, MySQL 5.6 DMR, and MySQL in the Cloud

Ronald Bradford
Oracle ACE Director

Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery by Ronald Bradford

232 Pages
Oracle Press

Ronald Bradford has embarked an am ambitious project to write a series of books on various facets of MySQL. The first in the series Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements arrived last fall. The second in the series, Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery, has come off the presses. These books are well written, concise, and not full of fluff.

The second book covers an area that has caused every experienced MySQL DBA some loss of sleep – backup and recovery. The first chapter starts with some clever scripting to show the size of a database before proceeding onto a simple backup with mysqldump.

The second chapter covers backup options and starts by covering backup strategies. Do you need a static backup performed during a window of time where no other access to the database is needed? Or does your database require 7/24/365 availability where a hot backup is needed? Can you use binary logs for a point in time recovery? These options as well as the various relevant command line switches are covered.

The third chapter covers disaster recovery. The author starts with the often overlooked steps of determining requirements and determining responsibility. This chapter involves a case study and some examples of problems that could bite any DBA. The forth chapter covers replication and the fifty recovery. The sixth chapter details server options to aid in backup and recovery.
The heart of the book is the disaster scenarios in chapter seven. Like a true crime story collection, this chapter details some notorious outages and how to avoid them.

The book finishes with database management for MySQL instances in the cloud. Yes, data in the cloud still needs to be backed up for recovery.

This volume needs to be on the desk of any MySQL DBA. It will quickly get dog-eared and probably sprout notes on Post-it notes. This book covers all the available tools for DBAs in a straight ahead way and tells you how to use them like only a battle scared DBA can mentor can.


One Response to Book Review — Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery

  1. No to be left out, the book does have detailed examples for using advanced options including compression, remote management, incremental and parallel options between mysqldump,xtrabackup,MySQL Enterprise Backup and mydumper.

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