Dilbert — How long to train a DBA? Dallas MySQL Users Group Meeting

Today’s Dilbert asks how long to train a technical writer to become a Database Analyst. The answer? 45 minutes!

Right now there is a big shortage of MySQL DBAs. Recently at OSCON, I asked a group how do we best develop new DBAs. The consensus was to train Linux administrators. For the past year I have been working on The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database for Linux Administrators and will work to expand it in hopes it will become a good starting place for those wanting to add MySQL DBAs skills to their professional arsenal. Please let me know what you have found that works in this area for your situation so we can get more MySQL DBAs.

And there will be a Dallas MySQL Users Group Meeting (or the Dallas Oracle Users Group MySQL Special Interest Group) On Tuesday Septermber 4th in the Oracle Office in Irving (corner of Hew 114 and the George Bush Tollway) at 5:00 PM and pizza will be served before the meeting. An RSVP link will be posted later and the topic will be MySQL Basics.

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Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and previously was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems. He has a MBA from the University Of San Diego.

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