Community BOF at MySQL Connect

I will be hosting a Birds of a Feather Session at MySQL Connect on Saturday, Sep 29, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Hilton San Francisco – Golden Gate 8. This is an open discussion with you about what you would like to see from the MySQL Community Team, MySQL, and Oracle in the future. After it concludes, we can hit the Community Reception.

The original description of the Community BOF as provided to the Content Committee.

Come meet with the MySQL Community Team for a discussion about MySQL and the MySQL Community. This is an open session, so you can make suggestions, ask the questions you are having trouble getting answered, provide feedback, network, and help direct where the future of the MySQL Community will go. You will be able to interact with the Community Team on everything from contributions to downloads. How can we best support you at local and larger events? What tools can we provide to make your job easier? Where should MySQL be in 2013? Please come and meet the members of the MySQL Community Team

Sadly only one of us from the MySQL Community Team will be present due to other commitments. But please come and share your views.


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