MySQL Connect

MySQL connect finished Sunday with amazing sessions and a street party. Generally the reviews of the show have been very good with suggested tweaks for 2013. Having EIGHT tracks at the same time along with some hands on labs seemed to be too much of a good thing for many. Most wanted to be in two or three session and a hands on lab at the same time. There was plenty of ‘red meat’ technical content for all levels of attendees.

The session that generated the most feedback was Mark Leith’s Profiling with the Performance Schema as it had more than enough material for two or three sessions. What Mark demonstrated was the hows and whys of examining queries at a level never reachable by mere DBAs when searching for extra query performance. Please find the presentation on line ase you will find it jaw dropping amazing. Many ‘old time MySQL-ers’ were happily stunned by this new feature.

Another gem of a session was by the folks who run the El Chavo game on Facebook. Playful Play uses MySQL Cluster to support their game that is popular in Latin America. The game is being expanded from Spanish to Portuguese and English. And one of our engineers asked for Swedish too.

I was assigned time in the Demo Pods where I ran into many amazing MySQL Users. Sadly for those of us with ‘booth duty;, the sessions were so good that very few folks skipped them to some see us. But for the conference overall, that is not a bad problem to have.

I hosted a Birds of a Feather Session on the MySQL Community that was well attended and i will now see what I can do to help establish some new users groups. Anyone know of MySQL User Groups in Southern Italy.

I have some videos of some of the speakers and engineers that I will post shortly but did not have enough time to catch all that I wanted. Heck, time went much too quickly this past weekend.


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