MySQL Troubleshooting

MySQL Troubleshooting – What To Do When Queries Don’t Work is a recent publication that you will want to have on your bookshelf. A college professor once lectured to one of my classes that it was easy to teach programming but nearly impossible to teach debugging as there were so many factors involved. The quote the stuck with me was, “Is is very heard to think as dumb as the machine.”

MySQL can prove to be a difficult software beast to keep happy. This book is a guide on everything from simple syntax errors to trouble shooting system environment issues. It is clearly written, concise, and has several tricks & Tips that are invaluable. This is not a cookbook on solving MySQL problems but a guide on how to investigate the various reasons for hanging queries, poor performance, on just puzzling hangs.

So who needs this book? Intermediate to advanced level DBAs or those wishing to to become one.

Sveta Smirnova is the author and one of the amazing folks providing MySQL Support at Oracle. She had been fixing customer problems for a long time and really knows her stuff. This is a good chance to learn from an experienced professional without having your systems down on their digital knees.


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