DBA on Top Five List of Jobs in America

Money has proclaimed being a Database Administrataor as being the fifth best job in America. And they are telling the world exactly what we do, well as best they can in very few words.

What they do all day? It’s no understatement to say that corporate America is in the middle of an information explosion. Somebody has to keep track of it all. A database administrator (DBA) minds all the data in a company’s storehouse, keeps it safe and makes sure it’s easily accessible.

But what if you are not a DBA already?

How to get the job? A degree in computer science is recommended, followed by years of experience. Many employers require certification in the most widely used programs, including MySQL, Oracle and DB2. And since the technology is always changing, re-training is a constant.

So why would anyone want to be a DBA?

What makes it great? More data means more opportunities — DBAs are among the top-growing jobs on our list. They also command high paychecks, compared even to other tech jobs.

It appears being a DBA has a downside.

What’s the catch? The job requires long periods in front of the computer — especially during crunch times for big projects. And computers crash. Be prepared to come in late at night or on weekends when things go wrong.

Well, most of the DBAs I run into do not fit easily into this mold but it is nice to get some recognition.

Median pay: $87,200
Top pay: $122,000
10-year job growth: 30.6%
Total jobs*: 110,800

This fifth place ranking is behind Biomedical Engineer, Marketing Consultant, Software Architect, and Clinical Research Associate but before Software Developer and Physical therapist.

And yes, to my non-American friends, I realize that this ranking will probably not apply to you. But then our national sport is called Football and only two people on each team can touch the ball with their feet but that does not seem to bother too many. Hopefully your localized version of Money will have something similar and I’d love for you to share it with me!


One Response to DBA on Top Five List of Jobs in America

  1. The catch is a big catch… I don’t miss carrying a blackberry everywhere I go (including to bed), being woken up in the night by alerts (or worse, always worrying I’m going to be woken up in the night by alerts), and being blamed for every technical problem in production. I’ll go back to it someday, but for now I enjoy a job I can leave at 5 pm every night.

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