Present a Talk at a Conference on MySQL as FOSDEM, SCaLE or SunshinePHP

Keith Larson & myself (and now Lenka Kasparova) have been the MySQL Community Team for the past few years and we have traveled to a great many conferences and spoken many hours on MySQL. But we need your help. There are conferences all over that we can not attend or in many cases we are speaking but would like others to speak too! And many conferences are in a big need for speakers such as yourself.

Three upcoming shows are excellent opportunities and are actively seeing you as a presenter.

  • FOSDEM is February 2nd and 3rd in Brussels, Belgium. There will be a special MySQL dev room and the call for papers ends on December 21st.
  • There is a new PHP conference in Florida! SunshinePHP will be in Miami on February 8th and 9th. Their call for papers is also December 1st.
  • SCaLE 11x is held in Los Angeles February 22nd to 24th and is the premere Linux Show in Southern California. It is held at the LAX Hilton so you can just take the shuttle to the Hilton and avoid the 405 Freeway entirely. At SCaLE 10x had a full MySQL track and we will have it again if we can get some more presenters. The call for papers is here and the deadline is December 10th.

Conferences need presentations at all levels from novice to expert and on just about any relevant subject matter. How did you solve your backup issues? Do you have some best practices for account administration? How did you scale your cluster? Show us your tricks on performance tuning? What the heck is SQL and how do you use it?

Usually you are presenting to a room of nerds and geeks so it will look like a staff meeting at work. Prepare 20-30 slides and practice presenting them (script you swords if that helps you). So please submit today and good luck.


One Response to Present a Talk at a Conference on MySQL as FOSDEM, SCaLE or SunshinePHP

  1. Henrik Ingo says:

    Will you pay for my travel too? 🙂

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