2013 starts for the MySQL Community Team

Lenka and I are at Oracle HQ for the Oracle Leadership Summit. This event is the start of the calendar year for us and brings the leaders of Oracle user groups together to share information. From around the world, leaders of IOUG, OHUG, and other groups to share ideas. The concept used by the Boston MySQL User Group with MySQL Marinate has caught the attention of quite a few folks. The vast majority of IOUG folks also run MySQL in their data centers and they are interested in seeing local MySQL Groups flourish.

So if you are interested in starting a new MySQL Users Group, let me or Lenka know AND contact your local IOUG chapter. We can aid you in getting meeting space in an Oracle office and your local IOUG chapter can help with other organizational issues when startinga group.

And be sure to say ‘hi’ at the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Training Days, SCaLE, Collaborate, Midwest PHP, and Sunshine PHP!


2 Responses to 2013 starts for the MySQL Community Team

  1. Mark L. Fugate says:

    I see a North Texas MySQL User Group but no activity or meeting schedule. Is there interest in getting an active user group going?

  2. OpenSorceDBA says:

    Hi Mark — I just need to pick a date and book a room for the next meeting. Any special topics you would like to see?

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