The PHPTek Conference bills itself as the premier professional PHP conference with a community flair. Having been to dozens of PHP conferences, I thought that was a pretty bold claim.

MySQL Boogiebot

But as they say in Texas, it ain’t bragging if you can do it.
MySQL plush dolphins and BoogieBots.  The wind up dancing robots were popular in Chicago

MySQL plush dolphins and BoogieBots. The wind up dancing robots were popular in Chicago

And the organizers picked perfect weather for this Chicago based show.

The quality of the presenters and presentations was amazing high. Most of these sessions covered intricacies with the PHP language. The talks covered the range from beginning Symfony 2 to advanced security. The presenters were indeed the cream of the crop and the material covered very well developed.

Oracle’s own Ligaya Trumelle started the second day with a MySQL 5.6 new features session specifically tailored to what this elite audience wanted to know about 5.6. Later she teamed with Davey Shafik on Engine Yard on MySQL HA, Recovery, and Load Balancing. The second talks was a comprehensive look at the most popular options for all three areas1.

Oracle was a sponsor of this show and I also had an opportunity to present Ten Things To Do To Make Your MySQL Databases Stronger and Healthier when not at the booth handing out three hundred Boogie Bots, MySQL Stickers, and a handful of plush Sakila Dolphins. The attendee questions at the booth were also high level (isolation levels for the best insert concurrency, how to use GTIDs, and partitioning) as opposed to more mundane questions at other shows.

So this truly is the premier PHP show and if you are a serious PHP coder, you need to plan to attend this show next year.

  1. You should download their slides on this as they worked hard to provide good benchmark numbers. Sadly some of the software (third party) did not prove to be robust enough for a good comparison. Lig and Davey put a lot of hard work into this sessions and the slides were loaded with vital info and their configurations.

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  1. Nick says:

    Any thoughts on where people can buy the MySQL dolphins? Or are they only given out at conferences?

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