MySQL Connect — Calvin Sun

MySQL Connect is rapidly approaching but there is still time for you to register. Calvin Sun from Twitter is going to be speaking and is the second of prominent MySQL Community members in this blog series to show you why you should join us.

What are your speaking about at your session?
MySQL at Twitter.

Who would benefit most from attending your session?
Scaling MySQL.

What other sessions would you recommend or are planning to attend?
MySQL 5.6 at Facebook [CON7798]
MySQL Performance: Benchmarks, Tuning, and “Best” Practices [CON2971]
MySQL @ Facebook: Lots and Lots of Small Data [CON7446]
InnoDB: Table and Index Data Structures Architecture [CON6897]
The InnoDB Buffer Pool and I/O: How It All Works [CON3497]
Unlocking MySQL: Dealing with Locking in MySQL [CON4038]

What did you learn last year at MySQL Connect that really benefited you?
How has MySQL been used and performance of 5.6.

Why should ‘Joe Average’ DBA or Developer attend MySQL Connect?
Learn what’s in 5.6 (and how to use the new features), and what’s coming.

MySQL Connect Keynotes

Saturday September 21, 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m.
The State of The Dolphin
Join Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect, and Tomas Ulin, vice president of MySQL engineering, for the State of the Dolphin keynote address. Learn about Oracle’s MySQL strategy as well as the latest innovations and plans for MySQL.

Saturday September 21, 10:30 a.m.–11:00 a.m.
Current MySQL Usage Models and Future Developments
MySQL 5.6 and MySQL Cluster 7.3 delivered numerous highly anticipated features, strengthening MySQL’s position as the leading web and cloud database. How and why are the foremost social networking companies and e-commerce businesses successful with MySQL today, and what future developments should be considered to ensure that MySQL will meet their requirements moving forward? Join panelists from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and PayPal as they share their perspectives and insights.


3 Responses to MySQL Connect — Calvin Sun

  1. svar says:

    MySQL connect is that the new MariaDB connect storage engine 🙂

  2. OpenSorceDBA says:

    Stephane — Sorry, MySQL Connect is a conference for the MySQL Community and features speakers from Twitter, US Census, Facebook, Percona, Continuent, Oracle, and others. I did ask some of your co-workers to submit relevant technical session but that did not happen. Maybe you can ask Colin for a report as he has a ticket.

  3. Who will bring the black vodka?

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