MySQL Connect — Peter Zaitsev

MySQL Connect is rapidly approaching and one of the speakers is Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona. Peter volunteered to participate in our survey of MySQL Community Members.

What are your speaking about at your session?
I’m speaking about indexing best practices for MySQL, specifically focusing at a new ways MySQL 5.6 can use indexes and what opportunities does it bring.

Who would benefit most from attending your session?
This is a topic of broad interest. Developers and DBAs both need to be very familiar with a way MySQL can use sessions.

What other sessions would you recommend or are planning to attend?
There are a lot of wonderful sessions this year. Specifically I will look forward to the product information from Oracle team – MySQL 5.7 and direction of the MySQL group with State of the Dolphin.
A couple of Performance Schema sessions look very interesting – this is wonderful and underused MySQL feature. Facebook sharing their MySQL 5.6 plans is very interesting too.

What did you learn last year at MySQL Connect that really benefited you?
Product update information was the most helpful – new features in MySQL 5.6 specifically Optimizer and Innodb teams talks were helpful for me.

Why should ‘Joe Average’ DBA or Developer attend MySQL Connect?
Learning how to use MySQL more efficiently. MySQL 5.6 is a big new game in town but one needs to understand its advantages well to really benefit.

A complete list of MySQL Connect Sessions


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