Be Part of a Special MySQL DBA 5.6 Class at Oracle HQ

A very special MySQL DBA Class will be held October 14th at Oracle Headquarters. The MySQL DBA Training On Demand Class (5.5 version) is currently the 8th best delivering TOD at Oracle in terms of student numbers and the MySQL DBA 5.6 course has been consistently been in the top 40 out of 1000s of titles at Oracle since the beginning of this financial year. But this class will on version 5.6 and seats are available!

What is TOD? It is where you follow video delivery of event at your own pace, and schedule access to course environment lab exercises at your own convenience. An instructor is available to answer any questions you have online. This class will be where the TOD materials are recorded. TODs are important for the MySQL area because this flexible, no travel method of training works well for community users. TOD recordings are only done at HQ and Students will not be inconvenienced by the fact that the instructor’s delivery is recorded.

Besides TODs you can find In-Class events – where you travel to a training center and Live-Virtual events – where you attend a live event from your own desk via phone/Webex with remote access to lab environment.

For more on MySQL Training


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