Deep Dive Technical Buffet on last day of MySql Connect

Proving this it is the show for in-depth technical information, MySql Connect finished with a bang. Six different two hour plus deep dive tutorials were offered and all had very good attendence. Many of the attendee were seasoned Oracle DBAs eager to gorge at this buffet of technical knowledge.

The crowd for Ligaya Trumele’s Getting Started
with MySql
was packed with
Oracle DBAs who were amazed at the simplicity of the MySql architecture once they figured out the concept of multiple storage engines.

Luis Soares had a tutorial that was everything you ever wanted to know about 5.6 replication plus a look multi source that will be in 5.7. His discussion on how and when binlogs are written and the impact if that timing on replication was intense, detailed, and worth the price of the show itself.

Finishing a mentally overload day, I listened to Bernd Ocklin on MySql Cluster 7.3 and this product has really changed in the past few years. I highly recommend that you grab his slide deck on how Cluster partitions data.


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