Studying for the New MySQL 5.6 DBA Exam

I have have been receiving a lot of questions about the new MySQL 5.6 DBA exam. Sadly I can not answer a lot of the questions until after my exam in early November. However I do know some good things about the new exams.

First — No True or False questions. Oracle has set the standards on that policy and I had to update the ol’ 5.0 exams to make certain there the T/F questions were removed. Why is this important? Don’t you have a fifty/fifty chance on T/F questions? The trouble is that some of these questions were a wee bit tricky and needed parsing plus a full understanding of the subject to get them right. For fairness, it is easy to do without the T/F questions.

Second — No more pick up to N answers. Once again, for fairness.

Third — One exam for the certification. In the past the costs, not just financial, of setting up the second exam and studying for it turned off many candidates.

So what am I studying? MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator is a list of the items on the exam.

Under Architecture, that page lists the following

    MySQL Architecture

  • Use MySQL client programs to interface with the MySQL Server interactively and in batch
  • Describe how MySQL uses disk and memory resources
  • List and describe key characteristics of standard MySQL storage engines including InnoDB, NDB, MyISAM, MEMORY, FEDERATED

Let’s take the first bullet point. How does one find the MySQL client programs? The are listed in the MySQL Manaual at So spend some time with mysql, mysqladmin, mysqlcheck, mysqldump, mysqlshow, mysqlimport, and mysqlslap. Read the man pages AND use the commands.

So one bullet point down, 21 to go!

2 Responses to Studying for the New MySQL 5.6 DBA Exam

  1. Just getting a ride on the new bullet point which is chatting about mysql client programs, one behavior I would like to call out the attention is that when you’re migrating from older versions to the new MySQL 5.6. You must pay attention on the passwords length because client programs will not support the flag –skip-secure-auth. Just mysql client is supporting this flag. Any other does not accept it and will make life harder if you do not update passwords stored in “mysql.user” table the the new PASSWORD() function.

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