The Reborn MySQL Community

The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo ends today but it signals a rebirth of the MySQL Community. 2014 has been the most vibrant, upbeat, and cheerful show in many years. A multitude of new technology, approaches and energies emerged this year.

WebScale is partnership of several of MySQL’s biggest users to pool patches to make a bigger, badder server. Frankly these companies have more resources than MySQL in some areas and will be able to add in features very quickly. And Oracle really wants to add these changes quickly.

Fusion-IO is changing the way we think about writing to disks. The costs of a write is low and the speed is very high. For those of us having cut our teeth on systems where you had to plan for rotational delay and disk arm movements, this is almost spooky. SSDs are going to change many design ideas in the database world and Fusion-IO is working hard with Percona, Oracle, and MariaDB to remove what was a major choke point for performance. I urge you to check out Nisha Talagala keynote, especially if you are not hardware savvy, to get a better understanding of this eveolution.

Oracle’s investment in MySQL was shown by the many new features announced. MySQL Fabric, Workbench 6.1, and the approaching 5.7 are vibrant tools that the community needs.

Peter Z and Robert Hodges both were very frank that users need to upgrade to MySQL 5.6 as it fixes many old lingering problems and provides better performance. By the way, Percona is doing very well and a growing their businesses and Continuent has added Hadoop feeding features to their product.

And MariaDB had their new release ready for this show. Everyone has been very busy.

For the consumer spectrum of the MySQL Community, this is a golden age where competition and renewed innovation are making the latest products much, much better. The addition of WebScale will provide yet again more access to better performance.

Many folks said this year, the Percona Conference felt like a family reunion. But this year, it seems that a new generation is being welcomed into the MySQL Community.

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