Collaborate 14, Las Vegas, and the Naked Guy Occupying My Hotel Room

Colaborate is a big show for C-level executives and up for the three big Oracle User Groups. Last week at Percona Live was all MySQL, Open Source, and a few hundred close folks. This week is the biggest show, after Oracle Open World, on the Oracle user calendar and draws a huge crowd from around the globe. All the Fortune 500 are here or their contractors. collab14 In short, anything tangential to any Oracle product can be found along with companies that offer add-ons, support, consulting, and product. A lot of the attendees have MySQL in their computer rooms and that is why I am in Las Vegas.

Vegas is a convention city. This week Collaborate, The National Association of Broadcasters (100,000 strong), and a dozen other conventions are in town. Add in tourism, gambling, and shows to warm weather to produce a town that is literally buzzing.

My job for today is to make it from the airport, get to the hotel, set up the MySQL Demo-pod in the Oracle pavilion, get to my room, clean up, and work a couple of hours at the pod. Vegas specializes in getting travelers off the plane, into a cab, and to the hotels as quickly as possible. Of course the expo hall will be the furthest point away from where the cabs drop you to where the expo hall is located. So I end up with a hike to the expo hall. As a corollary to the cab drop off rule, the booth to be manned is at the far end of the ‘so large you can see the curvature of the Earth’ hall. The Demo-pod is a bank of large screens hanging off cabinets equipped with laptops to use for demos. But the slideshow I brought is on a USB drive and the two USBs on the laptop are in use for mouse and keyboard. But there is Internet and I was able to move the file needed onto the laptop. But of course, the latest version of the slide software has again changed the way to loop the presentation automatically. Then I add on Workbench, MySQL 5.6 Enterprise, and MySQL 5.7.4. I should also mention that during show setup, the air conditioning is off, and Las Vegas is getting very warm.

So at last, I head back to the hotel room for a quick shower and a little relaxation before the expo hall opens. But upon getting the door unlocked, I find the room already has an occupant who is a) sans clothing, b) was rather upset, and c) had ‘dibs’ on the room. So after another hike to registration and getting another room, I am almost ready for Collaborate 14. If you are at the show please drop by the MySQL Demo-pod.

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