MySQL Connect — Reviewing the submitted presentations

The presentations submitted for MySQL Connect are amazing. This year again I am very fortunate and slightly cursed to be on the selection committee again. Fortunate that I get a glimpse of some truly amazing work being done with MySQL. And cursed in that there are a lot of great talks that will not make it that I still want to see.

We had over 190 submissions for 50 some odd speaking slots. In the past there has been some over lap with two members of the same engineering team proposing slight variations on a topic that can be combined. Sometimes there are blatantly obvious marketing sessions that will not only speed you queries, brighten you teeth, but also walk your dog. Usually it is easy to pick out a few obviously poor proposals. But not this year. They are all pretty much technical raw meat, dripping with staggering loads of vital information. Submissions came from the usual players you would expect to gear at a MySQL Conference (Oracle, Percona, Pithian, Yahoo, Mozilla, SkySQL, etc.) and an amazing number of people from the community.

So please ignore several of us while we tear our hair out or as we wish for 26 hour conference days. We hope you will be eager for MySQL Connect to arrive when you see the list of presentations.


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