Learning PHP, MySQL, GIT, CSS, HTML, OOP, etc.

“How do I learn PHP, MySQL, GII, CSS, HTML, OOP, and all that quickly, without becoming confused or frustrated but still get to do the cools stuff?” I get this question on a very frequent basis and until last Friday, I had to suggest a number of ways of pulling together all the pieces together. But it still lacked a comprehensive theme and flow. Then last Friday at LonestarPHP, the LonestarPHP organizers teamed with PHPWomen,to provide a foundations track that covered all the above and more. Davey Shafik, Elizabeth Smith, Matt Frost, and Michelle Sanver put together an amazing day of learning with PHPBridge PHPBridgefor a crowd of about 40 novices,

The material is under a Creative Commons License and can be used by other events. The idea was borrowed form RailsBridge and organizes the many moving parts of a PHP application building environment in a very easy to follow but still very informative fashion. If you want to provide this material as a PHPBRidge event, there are some provisos (Free of charge, make tech more welcoming) and you should consider adding this to your local event.

I heartily recommend this to any novices out there or those with some gaps in their knowledge of PHP app development. You will be walked through the basics, set up a development environment, code, connect to a database, use a relational database (MySQL) for storing data, and more. Hats off to PHPWomen and LonestarPHP for this year’s track and I hope to see it again next year.


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