Fabric First Steps, er, Threads

I will be presenting MySQL Fabric to the Triangle MySQL User Group in Raleigh on February 11th and then I will be speaking the next day at Percona University. Part of my first talk will have a live demo. Most presenters dread live demos as anything that can go wrong usually does go wrong and in very spectacular fashion to ensure humiliation, disgrace, and well deserved scorn.

To add to the pressure is a new laptop that is so far reluctant to perform well during the first two presentations of this year. Hopefully third presentation is a charm.

So how do you start with Fabric? First, download the MySQL Utilities. I am using the 1.5.2 version (1.6 Alpha is also available) and installed it on my Ubuntu 14.04 with dpkg.

For the impatient, there is a Fabric Quick Start for those who do not want to follow my plodding.

I setup a Fabric user with MySQL Workbench un-creatively named ‘Fabric’.

The heart of Fabric is the mysqlfabric command.
$ mysqlfabric help
Usage: mysqlfabric [--param, --config] [arg, ...].

MySQL Fabric 1.5.2 - MySQL server farm management framework

--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
Override a configuration parameter.
--config=FILE Read configuration from FILE.

Basic commands:
help Show help for command
help commands List all commands
help groups List all groups

Now I need to investigate setting up some servers to manage. With a new laptop I need to see how it handles Virtual Box, Vagrant or maybe Giuseppe’s MySQL Sandbox for this purpose. Part of the dread of a live demo is the failure of the building blocks and i want this as simple as possible. But that will be in the next post.


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