MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World CFP Closes April 29th!

The Call for papers for MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World closes in just over a week! Now is the time to put together those ideas for a presentation you have had into shape before the last minute rush. The conference starts October 25th but the CFP closes April 29th! But we want you at this conference to present your best material.

So what if you have never submitted a talk in the past to any conference OR have not manged to get accepted for MySQL Central before? Get your best technical material together and write down the topic, 3-5 bullet points, and a conclusion. Then put your title, bullet points, and conclusion into a paragraph. That paragraph needs to fit into one of the six MySQL Central @ OpenWorld tracks:

  • Performance & Scalability
  • High Availability
  • NoSQL & Big Data
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • Database Administration
  • Architecture and Application Development

Submit your talk today here!

For an example, lets pretend your name is Montgomery Scott and you are a chief engineer. You have spent the last few months studying storing data from your transporter in BLOB under various storage engines. The title would obvious be Storing Transporter Data Efficiently with Various Storage Engines. Your main points are 1) It is easy to store transporter data in MySQL, 2) Blobs are used to store data because it is amorphous, 3) You would like to save the data in JSON for better investigation of the information, 4) Use InnoDB for crash recovery and row level locking as MyIsam proved too fragile and had crash recovery issues, and 5) Black Hole storage engine is fine for Tribbles. Your conclusion would be It is easy to store transporter data in MySQL given that you take the proper precautions.

Now smooth that into a paragraph. Get someone with some writing skill or marketing background to help smooth the flow of the sentences.

Storing Transporter Data Efficiently with Various Storage Engines
Data from teleportation transporters is often tricky to store. MySQL can provide fast and efficient storage of transporter data sets. Currently we use blobs due to the amorphous nature of the data but JSON is considered to provide better management and searching of the data. Initial MyIsam usage proved problematic and other storage engines have been successfully used. InnoDB’s features provide better crash recovery for this critical data and simultaneous lookup of data. Use of the Black Hole storage engine has proven to be the best performing for small furry data sets should not be used for no ephemeral information. This session will cover our best practices that we discovered for storing transporter data.

So Scotty can bean up, er, post paper today.


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