Zero to DBA Track at SELF

MySQL is proud to sponsor the Zero to DBA Track at the Southeast Linuxfest next June 11th-14th! Hotel rooms at the conference rate are going very quickly.

So what do you learn at the Zero to DBA sessions? There are two days of presentations from the MySQL and Postgresql communities. The goal of this track was to take novices and turn them into DBAs or at least give novices a good ‘leg up’ in the world. This is a friendly crowd with lots of other non-database sessions and many great non-tech social functions.

The Proper Care and
Feeding of MySQL for the
Busy Linux Admin
Dave Stokes

The MySQL Ecosystem
Colin Charles

Binary Log Management
Made Easy With MySQL
Charles Bell

Scaling MariaDB and MySQL
Max Mether

To Shard or Not To Shard
Peter Zaitsev

Nulls Make Things Easier?
Bruce Momjian

MariaDB/MySQL Security
Colin Charles


Common Table Expressions
Richard Hipp

Practical MySQL
Performance Optimization
Peter Zaitsev

MySQL Workbench
Dave Stokes


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