2018 Events – February to April

2017 Was a very busy year for me (the two dozen events on the sidebar do not include a few user group and Meetups where I spoke) and 2018 is ramping up.

First up is FOSDEM.  FOSDEM is a free event in Brussels that i can best describe as organized chaos or chaotic organization.  The MySQL & Friends Dev Room is organized by the amazing LeFred.  This day will include some of the best technical talks on MySQL that from their short summaries given to us on the paper review committee (very honored to be on that committee) on MySQL related topics EVER!!  We had a dozen or so speaking slots and four dozen A-level talks out of sixty some submissions.  I could do a very successful conference with the talks not chosen. But look at the ones that where picked.  There is also a dinner and a free day with the MySQL Engineers.

Then it is off to SunshinePHP in Miami which attracts the top PHP folks to a warm Florida.  And the next weekend is PHP UK. MySQL is proud to sponsor these excellent events

Then I will head to San Diego to talk to the San Diego User Group, details to follow.

And once again the Southern California Linux Expo will feature a MySQL track where I will be speaking on MySQL Without the SQL — Oh My!

I will be teaching an Intro to Database course for ChickTech Austin (more later) and then back a month later for Longhorn PHP (a replacement for the departed Lonestar PHP).  So fellow Texans, watch out for me heading down I35.!

But between trips to Austin is a trip to YorkshirePHP where MySQL is proud to sponsor this second year event in the charming town of York.

April finishes, for me at least, with the Percona Live conference and then the amazing Linxufest Northwest.  Both are amazing shows.  The Santa Clara show has evolved from the Old MySQL User Conference to a multi database show.  LFNW is a few thousand folks at a small college in Bellignham Washington that is almost as bustling as FOSDEM, filled with great talks and a packed expo hall.

Nine events in three months is a lot of time in airplane seats for me but I hope to see you at these events.  All the above are worth your effort to attend if you can.  And if would like the MySQL Community Team to appear and/or sponsor your event, please contact me.



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