Little Rock Tech Fest, Symfony Live, Zendcon, Oracle Open World, Oracle Code One, and Madison PHP

October promises to be a busy month. I will be at the Little Rock Tech Fest Little Rock Tech Fest Image October 4th and 5th speaking on The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database and MySQL 8. Then I am off to San Francisco to speak on MySQL Tips and Tricks on October 12th at Symphony Live USASynfony Live USA. Then it is off to Las Vegas and Zendcon where I will speaking on MySQL 8 and MySQL Without the SQL. Zendcon and Open Enterprise

Next is the dynamic duo of Oracle Openworld and Oracle Code One. I have a talk at Oracle Code One on the MySQl X DevAPI and PHP with lots of coding examples (too many? Nah!) and I will have a book signing sometime during the expo show hours. And the MySQL Community Reception is moving to a new location, details to follow..Oracle Code One

Then to round off the month is my first trip to Madison PHP where I will speak on MySQL 8. Madison PHP Image

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