Linuxfest Northwest, Longhorn PHP, PHP Tek, Percona Live, Texas Linuxfest, & Southeast Linxufest

Last week I spoke at the Open Source 101 conference in Columbia, South Carolina on ‘MySQL 8.0 Features for Developers’. This week I will be in Bellingham, Washington for Linxufest Northwest speaking on ‘The Top 7 Database Mistakes You Are Making’ and ‘MySQL 8.0 Features for Developers’.

Longhorn PHP is May 2nd through the 4th in Austin. I will be speaking on ‘MySQL 8.0 Features for Developers’. And you may want to check out Mark Neibergal’s ‘Relational Database Design Bootcamp’.

MySQL is proud to again sponsor PHPTek May 21st and 22nd.

Then back to Austin for Percona Live Open Source Database Conference May 28th-30th. I was on the content committee for the MySQL track and there are a lot of great sessions. Be sure to read my earlier post on things to see in Austin such as seeing the bats fly out of the Congress Street Bridge andwhere to get the best BBQ.

Right after that and three hours up the road in Irving is the Texas Linxufest. I will lead a three hour tutorial that is an introduction to MySQL and later talk on ‘MySQL 8.0 Features for Developers’.

The June rolls around with the 10th anniversary Southeast Linuxfest. More on the talks later but you can hear myself and the amazing Dr. Charles Bell give presentations.

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