Gifts For MySQL DBAs

December 12, 2019

Dear MySQL DBA — You are darn near impossible to shop for and the holidays are quickly approaching.  Make a hard copy of this blog, cut at the dotted line below, circle the items you want, and hand this out to the folks who will be buying you presents. If you do not you may get the coffee cup that plays the Baby Shark sound continuously when it senses hot liquids inside — you do not want that.

Dear person trying to by a MySQL DBA a gift,

Yes, that person is very hard to buy gifts for and they are presenting this to you to aid your hunt. If you to to you will find links to the vendors selling these goods. Hopefully this will ease the holiday shopping pressure.

  1. A funny cup


  2. A great shirt


  3. A bib

    Probably for the kids of DBAs or future DBAs. But may not be a bad idea for the extra sloppy adult.


  4. Another cup


  5. A Hoodie


2019 Holiday Gifts for your MySQL DBA or Developer

December 3, 2018

Dear Family Member of a MySQL DBA or Developer,

You know how hard it is to shop for them at holiday time and you were probably handed a printout of this blog of present suggestions with certain items circled or highlighted. Please use this as a guide to help with shopping for this year.

The 2018 Gift Guide

1. T-shirt

DBA T-Shirt

Available from

2. Travel Mug

Travel Mug for DBA

Available at

3. Alternative Travel Mug

Alternative Travel Mug

Available from Redbubble

4. Playing cards, available in SQL

Playing Cards

Available at Amazon

5. Robot


Available at Gadgetify

6. Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Available at Teespring