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MySQL Cluster 7.2 & Future Webcasts

Check out this MySQL Cluster 7.2 Demo

From the Cluster 7.2 Demo

if you have missed any of the new features.

And upcoming MySQL Webcasts on Cluster, MySQL on Windows, MySQL Enterprise Edition, NoSQL access to MySQL, and Building High Performance and High Traffic PHP applications are available for registration!

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MySQL 5.6 — InnoDB and Memcached

One of the more exciting new features in MySQL 5.6 is the InnoDB to Memcached interface. Basically memcached runs as a daemon plugin and can bypass the SQL optimizer and parser for NoSQL access.

The first step is to download the new MySQL 5.6 with the InnoDB-Memcache preview. Sorry, Linux only at this time. And install memcached.

Second, run the provided configuration script mysql> < scripts/innodb_memcached_config.sql. This will do a lot of the work to get things running out of the box and one of the links below details what is happening behind the scenes when you run the script. Third, load the plugin mysql> install plugin daemon_memcached soname “”;. Forth, to make sure we can see recently inserted data, you will need to set the transaction level mysql> set session TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL read uncommitted;

Fifth step, feed some data into the provided InnoDB demo table mysql> INSERT INTO demo_test VALUES ('dave','it works', 10, 200, NULL).

Now, can we get memcached to get the data from InnoDB?

MySQl 5.6 Memached-InnoDB

Using memached to get the data from InnoDB

Yes! This is a very simple example using the ‘canned’ configuration. Your mileage may vary and this server is a preview and not for production. But there is a lot more stuff in there that I will be looking into soon.


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