MySQL at Oracle Openworld

Oracle Openworld is quickly approaching and the list of MySQL session is HERE.

The State of the Dolphin and Customer Experience is Monday September 19th at 4:15 PM in the Yuerba Buena Conference Center. This is a DO NOT MISS session where Rich Mason, general manager of MySQL at Oracle, and Tomas Ulin, vice president of MySQL development at Oracle, discuss Oracle’s latest MySQL innovations and plans. You also get the chance to hear from MySQL customers.

There are session on The Transactional Data Dictionary in MySQL 8.0, an Introduction to Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, Finding Beauty in Graphs, The MySQL Document Store, scaling AirBnB, how Dropbox uses GTIDs, what’s new in the 5.7 optimizer (and a peek at 8.0), Group Replication, how the University of Texas uses MySQL, Common Table Expressions in MySQL 8.0, and much more.

This is not counting the Hands on Labs or the Tutorial (Giuseppe Maxia on MySQL Operations in Docker!!) or the Birds of a Feather Sessions. If this does not get you salivating please get someone to check your pulse!!


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