Need a quick MySQL 5.7 PHP Vagrant environment?

November 20, 2015

The Laravel folks are not letting the grass grow under their feet. The popular PHP Framework (motto ‘The PHP Framework For Web Artisans’) wraps their framework and the recently released MySQL 5.7 server software in a Vagrant image called Homestead ready for you to use.

I created a new directory for my new Laravel work, cd-ed into it, and then issued vagrant init laravel/homestead. As quick as my hotel wi-fi could support, I had 5.7, PHP 5.6.15 plus more on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS virtual machine.

So if you want to easily try MySQL 5.7 or Laravel please Laravel Homestead a try

Links to Slides from MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World

November 4, 2015

Did you want a copy of a presentation slides from MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World? You can find them here

See the plus sign to the left of the title? Click on that and it will expand the entry to see the link for the presentation

See the plus sign to the left of the title? Click on that and it will expand the entry to see the link for the presentation

Click on the plus sign next to the title to expose the link to the presentation and to see the description. The two pics are the unexpanded and expanded views of one of the tutorials.

And  there is the link to the presentation!

And there is the link to the presentation!

MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World Wrap Up

October 30, 2015

MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World 2015 is over. For the MySQL Community Team the event feels like juggling running chainsaws while riding a unicycle on top of a surfboard that is plunging down the face of a monster North Shore typhoon driven wave. For those who have never attended Open World, it is an extra 50,000+ bodies in downtown San Franciso and Moscone Center, the site for the event, hums with people for a week. Add in an Elton John/Beck concert on Wednesday night for a full nights entertainment. Plus the week before this overwhelming event, MySQL 5.7 was made generally available which added yet another level of excitement this year.

So what did you miss?

Sadly Moscone Center was being remodeled during OOW this year and we lost about fifteen percent of the meeting space. For some of the bigger products in the Oracle portfolio, this was a major inconvenience. For MySQL, it meant that roughly a dozen or more sessions were off the slate. Ouch! The keynote was in the afternoon which was a bit anticlimactic as some of the ‘news’ was in earlier sessions. But the session we had were all amazing, most of them being packed, leaving many to stand at the back of the room.

There were many simply amazing sessions and you have probably already seen links to the talks on the Oracle Open World site or on Planet. Besides 5.7 and a new Enterprise Manager, there were sessions on MySQL Router and Group Replication plus deep dives into generated columns. Pinterest announced many of their MySQL tools are open source.

Best title for a session? Bill Karwin’s InnoDB Locking Explained with Stick Figures and the session grew an audience of old MySQL hands and novices, even if it was the last session of the last day.

For many the highlight was seeing old friends at the Community Reception. This event was open to the public (and will be again next year, mark your calendar!) and many familiar faces appeared. The highlight was former MySQL AB CEO Marin Mikos and Rich Mason, SVP and General Manager of the MySQL GBU, cutting a cake to celebrate MySQL’s 20th anniversary.

Cake Cutting

Richard Mason and Martin Mikos cut the MySQL 20th Anniversary cake at the 2015 MySQL Community Reception

Many attendees took the time to quiz MySQL Engineers on the finer points of their products. And MySQL staff had the chance to learn from customers like, Live Nation, Pinterest, Yahoo, and others. Several attendees were especially impressed with how Ticketmaster gets tickets into the hands of their customers. Take a look at the nearby illustration of their servers to get a glimpse of what it takes to sell 20,000 tickets in under a minute.


So how do you sell 20,000 tickets to a fight in under a minute. Just follow this simple diagram (and work really, really hard)

In a few days I will post links to the various talks. Please check back after I have time to recover and find the links.

We will be back at Jillian’s on Tuesday next year so mark it on your calendar and help us celebrate MySQL turning 21.

MySQL Community Reception 2015

October 28, 2015

Cake Cutting

Richard Mason and Martin Mikos cut the MySQL 20th Anniversary cake at the 2015 MySQL Community Reception

The annual MySQL Community Reception brought over one hundred and seventy members of the MySQL Community Together for a night of friendship, nostalgia, and entertainment. As in 2014, the event was held at Jillian’s on the Tuesday Night of Oracle Open World. I was working the door making sure those attending got their wrists bands that ensured the free food and drink were available to the holders. The event was open to all and not just OOW attendees.

It was great to many old faces. Martin Mikos, MySQL’s first CEO, joined us in celebrating the twentieth anniversary of MySQL. He later cut a cake with Rich Mason who now heads MySQL. There were too many others to name all but look through the pics in this post and you will see many folks from the MySQL Community from past, present, and future.




Rick James

Rick James MySQL Forums Racontour


Ligaya Turmelle of MySQL Support


The cake

Martin Mikos, Rich Mason, and Andrew Rist

Martin Mikos, Rich Mason, and Andrew Rist

Lots of food, discussion, and an an open bar

Lots of food, discussion, and an an open bar


Next year we will be back at Jillian’s on Tuesday night and I hope to see you there.

MySQL Sessions @ Oracle OpenWorld

October 20, 2015

Oracle OpenWorld can be pretty intimidating. Besides the extra fifty thousand bodies in an around Moscone Center in San Francisco, there is an overload of amazing information that bombards you from all directions. And then comes the really hard decision of which sessions to attend. This year MySQL has three rooms being used for sessions.

The Catalog of sessions shows over 1800 session and MySQL is the subject of fifty three of those. The problem is that you can not be in three places at once!

For example on Monday morning there are two tutorials and a great session at the same time.

  • MySQL Essentials—Getting Started with MySQL [TUT2356]
    Ligaya Isler-turmelle, Principle Technical Support Engineer, Oracle
    Jeremy Smyth, Course/Curriculum Developer, Oracle
    Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m. | Moscone South—254

  • MySQL Replication Tips and Tricks [TUT5467]
    Joao Gramacho, Software Developer, Oracle
    Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m. | Moscone South—250

  • Architecture and Design for MySQL-Powered Applications [CON5041]
    Peter Zaitsev, CEO, Percona Inc
    Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m. | Moscone South—262

Another example?

  • MySQL Server Performance Tuning 101 [CON2353]
    Ligaya Isler-turmelle, Principle Technical Support Engineer, Oracle
    Tuesday, Oct 27, 12:15 p.m. | Moscone South—262

  • Yahoo Case Study: MySQL GTIDs and Parallel or Multithreaded Replication [CON5409]
    Yashada Jadhav, MySQL DBA, Yahoo
    Stacy Yuan, Sr. MySQL DBA, Yahoo
    Tuesday, Oct 27, 12:15 p.m. | Moscone South—250

  • Feed Your Streams: Zendesk’s Maxwell Generates Kafka Event Stream from MySQL Binlogs [CON3340]
    Ben Osheroff, Principle Engineer,

If you are a first time attendee, make sure you arrive early for your desired sessions. Rooms fill very quickly and some talks will be standing room only. And there are some talks where you may not get in so have a secondary target. Take advantage of the Session Builder software and plan strategically.

And be sure to RSVP for the community reception Tuesday night and avoid the signup lines.

JSON and MySQL 5.7

October 8, 2015

In the past few months I have been inundated with questions about the new JSON data type. The man page for JSON is fascinating reading. So grab your favorite beverage, the JSON manual page, and take a comfy seat for reading. There are many highlights but be sure to check out some of these highlights.

  • Automatic validation of JSON documents stored in JSON columns. Invalid documents produce an error and this is a big advantage over putting JSON data in a string column.
  • JSON columns can not have a DEFAULT value, can not be indexed (virtual columns for secondary indexes are okay)
  • MySQL handles strings used in a JSON columnusing the utf8mb4 character set and utf8mb4_bin collation.

One thing to note is that strings are normalized. If you duplicate a key the new value is discarded.
SELECT JSON_OBJECT('first', 1, 'second', 2, 'first', 3, 'third', 4);
Will return
'{\"first\": 1, \"third\": 4, \"second\": 2}'

The second ‘first’ goes away. So not only does your JSON need to be well formed but you can not reuse keys in a sting.

If you use JSON_MERGE the values for that key are merged into an array.
SELECT JSON_MERGE('{"first": 1}','{"first": 2}')
Here First-1 and First-2 are merged into a single array.
'{\"first\": [1, 2]}'

A little more complex example for illustration.
SELECT JSON_MERGE('{"first": 1}','{"second": 3}', '{"first": 2}')
will produce
'{\"first\": [1, 2], \"second\": 3}'

And how big ban a JSON doc be? IT can not be stored longer than the max_allowed_packet system variable setting but it can be longer in memory for manipulation. And the protocol limit for max_allowed_packet is one gigabyte. So docs longer than 1GB will need to be saved in 1GB pieces.

MySQL Community Reception at Oracle OpenWorld

October 1, 2015

You´re Invited to MySQL Community Reception at Oracle OpenWorld. You do not need to be an attendee of Oracle Open World. We want everyone who can make it to our celebration to attend!

Join the MySQL Team on Tuesday, October 27th, to celebrate the MySQL community. it starts at 7 PM at Jillian’s at Metreon, 175 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. This is very near to Moscone Center and there is parking nearby.

OpenWorld attendees, members of local MySQL user groups, MySQL users in the Bay Area – you’re all invited to Oracle’s MySQL Community Reception.

Mingle with your peers, meet the MySQL engineers, and run into old friends from around the community. We are looking forward to see you there. This will be a special celebration and we want you there!!!

We are looking forward to see you there.


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