The End of an Era in Boston

It is an end of an era in Boston and in the MySQL Community.

10 years and 13 days ago, I founded the Boston MySQL User Group – 8 days after MySQL 5.0 went GA (generally available, production release).

Today, at the 105th meetup, I am handing over the reins to Ike Walker. The primary motivation is that I will be taking a maternity hiatus from my job and all volunteer activities, starting approximately mid-December. However, over the past year, my career focus has shifted from MySQL to learning more about data warehousing, data integration/ETL and data visualization.

Because MySQL is no longer a primary area of focus to me, when I return to my job in March, I will not be returning as the leader of the group.

I am leaving the group in the capable hands of Ike Walker (@iowalker on Twitter) of Flite. We are still sponsored by Oracle, and Bill Papp is our representative (he’s the pizza man). We still meet at MIT, with special thanks to Patrick Cable for reserving rooms for us.

I want to give thanks to all 1,348 members of this group – without you, there is no group. It’s been a great ride and I’m happy to have started something that will live on even after I step down.


Sheeri Cabral

For those of you who have never attended one of the Boston MySQL User Group meetings, they are one of the largest and most active chapters. They always have great speakers and you should see if they are meeting the next time you visit there. And I am sure Ike Walker will continue the traditions of this fine group.

Sheeri is an Oracle MySQL ACE Director and seems to have been very involved in the community since there was a community to be involved with! He writings, MySQL Marinate, and a dozen other things have made a better MySQL and MySQL Community. Her presentations were always crisp, her criticisms well pointed, and her spirit always infectious. It is great to see her move upward and onward to better things. She will be missed but I hope she will still pop up from time to time.


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