MySQL presenters needed!

Do you know MySQL? Can you talk to an audience of your peers? Then new opportunities are waiting for you.

There are many speaking opportunities for you to speak to folks who want to hear about MySQL! People want to hear what you have learned the hard way, serendipitously discovered, researched rigorously, or your best practice. You may have groups in your area that are looking for you to present. MySQL is a very popular subject at all sorts of conferences and you do not need to be guru-level to be a speaker.

If you live near the following cities or plan to visit them, please check out these calls for papers!

Baltimore? Railsconf Call for papers end Feb 17th.

Graz? Grazer Linuxtage Call for papers ends March 1st.

Greenville/Spartanville Southeast LinuxFest Call for paper ends March 1st.

There are hundred of conferences and user group meetings — some just a few folks to the very large — and probably several near you. Getting a dozen presenters for a years worth of user group meetings or a few dozen for a day at a conference is very hard. Organizers are looking for new faces to talk on technical topics. Present on something you know and even an obscure subject will attract more folks than you expect.

I suggest you start with a local group or two and bring 10 -15 technical slides with you. The smaller the group, the more valuable a live demonstration becomes. Most conferences ask for an overview of you presentation and not a formal presentation. Some will request a copy of your slide deck with submission. And with the popularity of non-conference conferences, keep you slides on a memory stick and off your services.


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